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How to play GTA 5 on Android


                                                           GTA 5 on Android


More recently, the Alfa version of the GTA 5 Mobile game for Android devices, released by the Rockstar Games team, has appeared on the network. The developers tried to realize all the possibilities of the computer version and let's hope that they will succeed. In the meantime, I advise you to install the game on your phone or tablet and evaluate its functionality.

Distinctive features of GTA 5 for phones

The game has many advantages, and we want to consider them. The gameplay is fun, with individual storylines. You will be pleased with a large number of weapons and three characters for which you can play.

Other features:

Open world. You will be able to explore the city of Los Santos and its surroundings.

Many cars and other types of vehicles.

Three-dimensional graphics, striking quality and realism.

Mini-games and additional tasks that make the gameplay even more fun.

Thousands of main missions that will be interesting to complete.

The game has been fully translated into Russian, so there will be no problems. You need to control the character using the sticks, they are located on the side areas of the screen. It will take a few minutes to get used to the buttons. The controls are convenient, and the character immediately responds to pressing. You can install GTA 5 for free and go straight to the game.

How to play GTA on Android?

When you first open it, you need to go through a tutorial to understand the interface and controls. This will take a few minutes. After training, you will immediately enter the open world of the game. The available missions are indicated on the map. If you wish, you can drive a car or take money from passers-by.

During the passage of various missions, you will shoot with opponents using different weapons. Hide from the cops, take part in the chases! You will definitely not be bored, we guarantee.


In the assignments, you should decide exactly how to proceed. The choice affects the further plot. As you travel around the city, you will be able to find hidden places where weapons are hidden. Over time, you will be able to switch between characters.

If you want to personally familiarize yourself with all the advantages of the game, then we recommend that you download GTA 5 Mobile for android absolutely free and in Russian from our website. Not a stereotyped plot and a large number of missions are the main advantages of this game. It will appeal to fans of action and shot

The GTA series has always been about cool cars, gangster sagas and a cool open world. Now we can see all this already in our mobile device by downloading an analogue of GTA 5 on android.

In this game, everything is done in such a way as to be as similar to the original as possible. Did you want a big city that lives by its own laws? He is here. Did you want a lot of different cars, each of which can be stolen? You are welcome. Did you want shooting, various guns and gangsters? This is also implemented in the game. There is also a criminal plot, the ability to arrange street races and even buy your own real estate. In general, despite the fact that we have a mobile game here, it does not differ much from the original GTA 5. Therefore, all fans of Rockstar's brainchild can safely recommend this project.

Features of the game GTA 5 for Android

Huge city with great opportunities

Open world with cool simulation: cars roll around the city and pedestrians walk

A large number of weapons

Interesting story




GTA 5 is a trendy game, as cool as the full PC version. The most interesting thing is that despite its small size, the game has high quality graphics and a huge number of levels. I'm not a big fan of these games, but I enjoy playing GTA 5.

GTA (of this particular version) pulled me in for a long time), of course, the graphics are not the best yet, but quite decent, I play with pleasure, but I think the developers still have something to work on.

Sasha, gta 5 has not yet been released on Android devices. And until the official release takes place, you will not download it anywhere.

Good evening! Rockstar Games has yet to release an OC Android version. You cannot download GTA V to mobile phones.

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