Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for free

 Yes, a new virtual store has arrived in town. To the already known EA Origin, Epic Games Store, Steam, UPlay Shop and a long etcetera, now we have to add one that comes directly from the very creators of Grand Theft Auto: Rockstar Games Launcher.

This new app store comes as a shuttle from which to buy, download, catalog and play all Rockstar games. If you are wondering why launch your own application store with so many options available, the answer is quite simple. The reason is none other than income. Steam usually takes 30% of commissions from the sales generated, and in the Epic Games Store 12%, so what if you could sell your games without giving any commission?

Due to this, many renowned developers are betting on opening their own application bar, since this way they have greater control of sales and obtain all of the income without being accountable to anyone. So yes, there are many stores, but their reasons have.

The problem however is in Rockstar itself. Why launch a PC app store when your best game doesn't have a PC version? Rockstar still has no plans to launch Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, so the arrival of the app store may be a bit offensive for some users. If only it were a tool from which to manage GTA V content ... but not even that. There is no trace of mods for GTA (something that keeps the community tremendously active today), not to mention a messaging system or a list of friends, something that feels practically essential today on a platform of these characteristics.

How to download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for free

To download GTA: San Andreas, all you have to do is get the Rockstar Games Launcher installer. By installing the virtual store launcher, Rockstar will reward us with a digital copy of the legendary game, so all you have to do is create a profile on the service and register the purchase with your account. This is a limited promotion, so you will need to hurry up to grab the game before the promotion is removed.

You can download the Rockstar Games Launcher installer at the following link:-